About Us & Our Coffee

Coosa Coffee Company is not just a coffee company offering great fresh roasted coffee... While you will receive some of the best coffee in the world that is always roasted to order; there is so much more to know about our coffee and our company. 

Our Coffee

What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single Origin Coffee is coffee grown within a single known geographic origin... Meaning a single farm, multiple farms in a specific area or multiple farms in a single country. 

Single Origin Coffee is a way to get a specific and consistent taste of the coffee you love. Some independent coffee shops choose to offer Single Origin Coffee to add value over the large chain coffee shops. 

Why choose our Premium Blend Coffee?

Our Premium Blend Coffee is handcrafted to enhance the flavor of the beans in that blend.  The blend is just that - a blend of several coffee beans grown in different countries; blended together to create a specific flavor. The blend will still have the specific and consistent taste that you expect from a premium coffee. 

How is our coffee different from other coffee?

All orders are roasted to order and the coffee selected is some of the best quality coffee in the world. If you choose one of our Single Origin or Premium Blend Coffees you will only receive a top quality bean. 

Some other coffee blends will mix in lower quality or less desirable coffee beans to help reduce their cost - you will taste the difference!

About Coosa Coffee Company

A portion of each order is donated to lake and river cleanup crews across America.

Why do we support lake and river cleanup crews?  Everyone enjoys America's beautiful waterways in one way or another. If you live near a lake or river, if you enjoy a day swimming and boating or if you drive by one of America's beautiful waterways you benefit from the cleanup crews who volunteer their time each year. 

Most cleanup crews are self-funded and supply their own boats and supplies to remove the debris and trash from America's waterways. We partner with these volunteer groups to help offset some of the cost of the supplies needed. 

Your order will help Keep America's Lakes and Rivers Clean... One Cup At A Time!