Ethiopia Natural - Medium/Light Roast
Ethiopia Natural - Medium/Light Roast

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Ethiopia Natural - Medium/Light Roast

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Medium/Light Roast - Single Origin Coffee

The birthplace of coffee; Ethiopia produces some of the best Single Origin coffees in the world. Our Ethiopia Natural coffee is full natural, sorted by hand and dried on elevated beds.

Coffee from Ethiopia is known for its distinct, elegant floral, herbal and citrus notes. 

Our selection has a medium body, hints of blueberry, deep chocolate and caramel.  It is exactly what you expect from a great Ethiopian coffee.

If you love great Single Origin coffees you must try our Ethiopia Natural.

Recommended as whole bean and grinding yourself just before brewing.  We will gladly grind if you prefer.

Process - Full natural and sorted by hand.  Dried on elevated beds.

Altitude - 1700-1900 meters

Soil - Nitisols