Costa Rica - Medium Roast
Costa Rica - Medium Roast

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Costa Rica - Medium Roast

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Medium Roast - Single Origin Coffee

Coffee aficionados often say coffee from Costa Rica has the best flavor profile from Central America.... others say it's the best flavor profile in the world.  With Costa Rica only allowing 100% Arabica coffee grown and the perfect altitude for coffee growing; it consistently produces great coffee.

This classic cup with a medium body offers brilliant flavors and a tantalizing aroma.

Tasting notes of apple, caramel, milk chocolate and honey are experienced with this balanced, low acidity coffee.

In search for the perfect cup of coffee must include our Costa Rica coffee.

Single Origin Coffee

Process - Fully Washed / Sun Dried

Altitude - 1800 meters

Purchase whole bean and grind yourself just before brewing is recommended. We will gladly grind if you prefer.