Why support America's lake and river cleanup crews?

All of America's lakes and rivers need the help of volunteers to remain clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. Every year most lakes and rivers across the nation have an annual "cleanup" event. During these events numerous volunteers donate their time, boats and money to remove trash and debris from the water... allowing visitors to have a cleaner and safer experience on the water. These volunteers are ordinary people like me and you who want to do something that matters and something that will have a direct impact on the lake or river in their neighborhood. 

Everyone can't attend every cleanup event. However, anyone can give the volunteers support. Coosa Coffee Company donates a portion of each order to several lake and river cleanup crews across America. 

If you live on a lake, river or stream; spend the day boating or swimming in one of America's beautiful waters; fishing these great habitats or just drive by and enjoy the beauty of the water... you are impacted by the great work of the volunteer keeping America's lakes and rivers clean. 

Join Coosa Coffee Company and help support these great volunteers... our clean waters are depending on us!

Thank you! 

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